Commercial / Office Moving

Falla Movers, located in Hamilton Ontario, can help move your office – big or small, local or long distance with minimal disruptions to your business.

Office Moving Service by Falla Movers

Commercial and office moving can be a tedious and complicated process. Once you have settled in one place for a while, the idea of relocating is not something most people look forward to. There are numerous items to pack, transport, and unpack. This is why you should consider seeking the help of professionals who specialize in this type of move for your convenience and peace of mind.

If you are looking to move your commercial office, you can count on Falla Movers for the most efficient office moving service. We specialize in long distance or local moves in and around the Hamilton area, and we make every effort to minimize disruptions to your business in the process. No matter what type of office you are planning to relocate, we can handle the difficult tasks involved in the process.

We Provide the Packaging

We offer packing cartons and plastic totes for all your packaging needs. Colour coded labels for packing employee office belongings in boxes or totes can make the moving transition stress free.

storage-tubs cardboard-packing-boxes

For your packaging needs, you can select from the right size of plastic totes and packing cartons that we provide. There are various shapes and sizes of boxes and totes available, so you can be sure your items are packed safely and securely. In addition, we offer color-coded labels for the boxes. This way, you can organize office items and make sure they are packed properly. Labels also speed up the unpacking process since it is easier for you to identify the items found on each carton.

We’ll Take Care of the Heavy Lifting

Do you need to move pieces of office furniture? If so, then we can do this for you, as well. We take good care of your upholstered, wooden, or leather furniture during the move. For wooden and leather furniture, we use a blanket to wrap these items for maximum protection. Plastic wrap, however, is used for upholstered furniture.

We provide packing boxes for long distance and local movers in Hamilton. Moreover, if you are moving locally, we will refund your used cartons once you return these to us 30 days within your move. In case you need extra packing materials, you may purchase these from us at a low price. It is our way of ensuring the secure packaging of your precious items and transporting them safely from point A to point B.

Commercial Moving Made Easy

At Falla Movers, you can be sure that your office move will be much easier than you think. With 70 years of professional experience in transportation and relocation services, you can expect the best value for your time and money by choosing us for your move. Whether you’re moving offices in Hamilton, elsewhere in Canada, or even the United States, Falla Movers can help you relocate conveniently.