Residential Moving

Moving house: Young couple with box

Trust Falla Movers for Depenedable Home Appliance & Furniture Moving Services – For Local Moves in Hamilton and Nationwide 

Whether moving your home within the Hamilton area or across Canada and the United States, Falla Movers is pleased to provide you with a free no obligation estimate. Our qualified sales consultant will assess your moving requirements and prepare a written estimate that is both accurate and competitive. We offer many moving services that can be discussed with our sales consultant to meet your individual needs.

Competitively Priced Moving Services

The cost of a local move is calculated on an hourly rate based on the number of crew required and the time of year you are moving. This rate is based on the number of hours needed for the movers to complete your move. The time charged includes traveling time to your residence and returning to Falla Movers warehouse.

Some valuable items such as pianos, art and antiques may require special handling. Falla Movers can provide you with professional packing/unpacking services if required.

Some uncontrollable conditions may alter the estimate; weather, accessibility to your new home (inside & outside), key waits, oversized furniture, and large appliances. These items may take more time to pack on the truck and to transport.


Our sales consultant can also provide you with a copy our non-admissible items list which details flammable/corrosive items that our company will NOT move due to safety reasons.

We Handle Fragile Items and Furniture Moving with Care

We understand how much you value your items, and we have the utmost respect for the trust placed in us to safely transport your goods. 

We take full care with when handling your belongings. However, we cannot be responsible for any damages that occur to improperly packed items. All plants, aquariums and items not boxed will be moved at the owner’s risk.

Our vehicle fleet is well maintained and fully equipped, All of our air ride 30ft straight trucks include four wheeled dollies, floor runners, moving pads, shrink wrap, and tape.

Our professional furniture movers have been trained in the proper handling of awkward heavy items. Upholstered furniture is shrink wrapped, wooden furniture and leather is pad wrapped. Picture/mirror cartons and wardrobes are provided on the day of the move. If you have any questions feel free to browse our FAQ or get in touch with us. If you’re curious about pricing you can request a quote online