A+ Rating
December 11, 2017

A+ rating to Falla Movers, they did a fantastic move for us. Plus less time than they estimated.  The 3 movers really impressed us, on how efficiently and how quickly they loaded the truck at the house and unloaded it at the apartment.  When we arrived at the apartment, I went to get coffee and donuts for all of us, to have a little break.  Rob was unloading the truck, I asked him to come up to the apartment to have his coffee.  Now his reply really impressed me, he said “I cannot leave the truck until it is unloaded.”  They had their coffee, while they kept on working.  Unloading those damn boxes.

The only complaint I have, I swear there was some funny business going on inside the truck.  I’m positive (tongue in cheek) that we ended up with more boxes than we loaded??

Thanks for a great move.

F & S Eason