Moving Tips

Tips for Stress-free Moving

  • Contact Falla Movers for free in-home estimate & book moving date
  • Contact utilities, banks, insurance companies etc. 30 days prior to moving date
  • Determine destination access for a large moving truck in residential or commercial areas
  • Determine if parking permits are needed at destination condos or office buildings
  • Book elevator times
  • On moving day check basement, garage and attic to make sure all wanted items are taken on the van
  • Cheapest moving estimate is not always best

Packing & Organizing

  • Movers cartons are sized for better stacking. Ask your moving consultant
  • Start packing a few boxes each day
  • Do not use newspaper to wrap items. The print will rub off and soil or damage your items
  • Pack your belongings room by room to make unpacking easier
  • All cartons must be securely sealed with tape
  • When packing china, place heavy items on bottom and all flat pieces on edge
  • CD’s DVD’s & record albums should be packed on edge
  • Blankets, pillows etc can be packed in large boxes
  • Lamps & lampshades should be packed in separate boxes
  • Cartons should weigh no more than 50 lbs.
  • Clearly mark boxes “do not move” for cartons you plan to take yourselves i.e. Currency, jewelry and valuable papers

What To Dispose Of

  • Dispose of old or unwanted items prior to move or have a garage sale
  • Dispose of all flammables prior to moving day
  • Dispose of oily mops & rags
  • Drain lawnmower and other machinery of gas & oil
  • Defrost refrigerator & freezer a few days prior to moving day and dry out

Furniture and Appliances

  • Swing sets & garden furniture should be dismantled
  • Gas appliances need to be disconnected by a licensed service person prior to moving
  • Clean appliances
  • Waterbeds to be drained and disassembled
  • When disassembling furniture, tape small parts or hardware to the main base or place all small parts in a box marked “Move in Box”
  • Movers will take apart most beds
  • You can leave lightweight items in dresser drawers but do not put books or other heavy items in them. Be sure to remove valuables
  • Ceiling fixtures, drapery tracks, curtain rods, etc. need to be removed
  • Leave furniture as it presently is in your home. Our trained crews can load your effects faster and easier this way, than if it’s all placed in one room